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No One Fights Alone



Austin's Blue Line is a Non-Profit organization that was created in loving memory of Austin Scarpone. Austin was an amazing son, brother, grandson and friend that we lost much too soon. Austin wanted to be a police officer, and was always helping others whenever he could. We wanted his legacy to be just that, continuing to help others. Our fundraisers will allow scholarships to be given out to those who want to go into any form of Law Enforcement; to help the  environment, as well as donations made to the local Suicide Prevention Coalition in Monroe County, Pennsylvania.

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Baby / Crib.       45"x60"                  $12

Twin.                  72"x90"                  $32

Full / Throw        90"x96"                   $34

Queen               90"x108"                 $38

King                 120"x124"                $42

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